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Last update 2023-02-12 

 Plungė is a town in northwestern Lithuania, Telšiai County, 27 km west of Telšiai. The rapid Babrung flows through the city, which, touching the foot of Gandinga mound in the south, flows into the Minija river. UAB “Plungės vandenys” is located in the southwestern part of the city, near the Babrungas dam, in the village of Noriškiu, Medelyno st. 41.

“Plungės vandenys” shares belong to Plungės district municipality. The company’s management structure consists of the general meeting of shareholders, the board and the head of administration. 

“Plungės vandenys”, UAB is a company providing water supply and wastewater management services, operating the water supply and wastewater networks of Plungė city and district.

The company’s goal is to provide high-quality water supply and wastewater treatment services to consumers, ensuring their availability to all residents, companies and organizations, incurring the lowest costs and causing minimal damage to the environment. Currently, there are 69 employees employed in UAB “Plungės vandenys”.

Company mission:

– to provide our clients with the most efficient services that meet their needs, creating a better quality of life;
– to provide opportunities for professional and personal development to qualified, career-seeking employees;
– to implement the principles of ethical and transparent activity in the water management service sector of the country.

The company’s activities:

– reliably provide consumers with only good quality drinking water and improve the ecological condition of the district by collecting and cleaning wastewater;
– improving the quality and conditions of employees’ work;
– maintaining financial stability of the company;
– developing, improving company’s activities.

“Plungės vandenys” operates the drinking water supply and wastewater management infrastructure of Plungė and in districts: Žemaičiai Kalvarija, Platelia, Alsėdžių, Šateikia, Kulių, Stalgėnai, Babrungos, Paukštakių, Nausodis, Žlibinai.


256.2 km. of water supply networks with 5 lifting pumping stations;

219.5 km. domestic sewage networks with 100 pumping stations;

42.1 km of surface sewage networks with 1 pumping station;

54 water wells, 20 water treatment facilities, 7 towers-reservoirs and

16 domestic wastewater treatment plants.

The company serves 444 companies and 12,663 contracted private clients.